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🎓 Graduate-level, Project-led Training

👷‍♀️ One-on-One Art/Tech Consulting

🍊 Bob is a Max Certified Trainer who is knowledgable across an eclectic array of media art tools, languages, and protocols including Max, Max4Live, TouchDesigner, Pure Data, OpenFrameworks, Ableton Live, Open Sound Control, MIDI, DMX, JS, C++, Python, GLSL, VDMX, Resolume, NDI, Syphon, Spout, Q Lab, etc.

🔶 Bob has collaborated on hundreds of creative projects. He’s programmed giant pipe organs, musical skateboards, and games for orangutans. His areas of experience include interactive music and vision systems, composition, animation, projection mapping, visual programming, improvisation, interactive installation design, and systems architecture.

🦧 Bob brings a patient, open, and collaborative attitude fostered over years of teaching at postgraduate levels. One-on-one sessions can be adapted to your professional development and production requirements.



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