I Am

what 🍪 Generative video accompaniment for Invenio
with 🍪 Gian Slater 🍪 Invenio
when 🍪 2020-06-04

Created for Gian Slater and her vocal group Invenio, this video accompaniment is animated by the amplitude of 30 discrete channels of audio. The work was created with TouchDesigner, Max, Ableton Live, and was projected onto a piece of marine-grade plywood, before being captured with a Canon DSLR. I often like to recapture digital video like this to introduce some imperfection and warmth. It’s similar to the allure of analog synthesizers, y’know? Theres a comfort that comes with noise inferred by interactions with the physical world.

To support Gian and Invenio’s exceptional work, buy the track from Bandcamp here.