Hyperpop is smart.

In SOPHIE’s Immaterial - there are no drums, just one big, fuck off mono-synth. There is at least one line of attention throughout the verse that surgically leads to one big clap every 8 bars.

Insert musical analysis of Immaterial here.

These moments of weighty percussion are sparing enough that you can preempt them–giving you time enough to throw your head back a little, swing it forward, and get a satisfying head bang right on the hit.

Those previous 8 bars of anticipation lead up to one single, fantastic head bang. And it feels great.

Headbanging is not just for metal - it's for everyone.

Another example is Charli XCX’s polymetric intro in Next Level Charli. Not only is this rhythmically dissonant, and unexpected, the BOOM BOOM slams because it is so strong and confident against the weak background meter. And you can tell that the audience FEELS it.

The rhythmic dissonance in the polymeter is countered by the confident delivery—there could be anything in the background.

Hyperpop tugs at heart, brain, and loins.

I just like this one…