Jacques Vallee and The Popular Audience

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Jacques Vallee

Everyone Else

ET = Extraterrestrial
ID = Interdimensional
     Outside of time, space, and awareness

It does seem like a strategy of disclosure is being rolled out to the general public. NY times and TTSA breaking UFOs into the mainstream, then George Knapp bringing up the rear introducing the broader idea of a paranormal intelligence. With official US officials blowing chaff into the air at every given opportunity.

It’s a smart strategy to communicate a complicated picture. And it charts out a journey from the popular conception of UFO occupants as extraterrestials, to a model more like Jacques Vallee’s - some sort of interdimensional intelligence, trying to teach us something.

The categories of real and imaginary
are not adequate to explain
anomolous experiences of groups and individuals

More disruptive still, is an imminent crisis in materialistic science as it is forced to question its worldview and come to find there is convincing evidence for reincarnation as a reality, amongst other phenomena previously considered paranormal. We are inside mind.

Operating in defiance of mainstream ufology, Jacques Vallee applied a detached, analytical approach to gain a higher perspective on how weird the universe actually is. In doing so, he has had to also grapple with how to communicate this potentially mind-shattering picture to a broader audience. He does this gently, with illuminating metaphors and a diversity of perspectives.

He also buries some stark, dissonant possibilities that fly by if you do not pay close attention.

Notes on A theory of everything else

quantum mechanics vs relativity (gravity) <- transcend and include

Physics of information (consciousness, souls) information and energy two sides of the same coin. We come here as information, to interact in a process.

Introducing idea of maxwells deamon. Place for spiritual interface with this reality. Transformation between energy and information. We will figure it out in the next 50 years.

We don’t understand time.

We don’t understand gravity.

Materialism doesn’t work.

Coincidences - predetermination - synchronicity

Silfs sound - creatures of the air - like jinns

Nature of the universe: two Silfs One says: God created the universe once and for all and here we are Other says: God created universe from moment to moment, if he stops, everything disappears

Relativity Quantum Mechanics

Transcend and include

Points to Jung and quantum mystics

Coincidences - the third mind

Melchizadek - initiated Abraham to kick off all abrahamic religions coincidence with Melchizadek’s name

Coincidences - some are powerful, some are meaningful, transcend and include. A lot like dreams.

Discusses library, distributing statistically information in an infinite memory space, hashing lets you recall statistically.

Describing a model of a simulation.

Causality is not one way. Time loops.


  • Recognise the universe we perceive as a subsystem of a meta-reality. All information structures, all simultaneous.
  • Dimensions are a cultural artefact, they measure the inside of the box. Do away with them.
  • The present is overdetermined. It’s determined from the past, and from the future.
  • Consciousness traverses associations - generating the mind’s impression of space and time.

The Age of the Impossible - disruptive futures in a connected world.

Unable to effectively predict the accelerating future, nested infinities.

Typology of the impossible:

  • Happens before we expect it.
  • Surprise convergence of low-priority scenarios.
  • Seems impossible because it violates current culture/demands alien concepts.

The book World of Null-A has themes of reincarnation, and machine controlling the universe. Ideas outside of cultural acceptance. Possible, but the population can’t imagine it.


  1. Too connected to fail - self reliance!
  2. Participatory dictatorship - creating our own hell. Dangers of information online. Community of big brothers.
  3. Internet of things - vulnerability of runaway control

Sudden emergence of new facts. Dissonance with belief structures. Accelerating Dissonance

Archives of the Impossible presentation