zeal’s twenty-ten

Posted by on Dec 31, 2010 in animation, excitement, gigs, music

there goes 2010.  zeal relocated to melbourne and good things happened!  starting with what’s happening right now and working back…  i’m currently in adelaide where i’m set up in a bunker, recording new songs for some sort of ep early in the new year.

My album is ranked third on a whothehell.net  “list”.  It’s the second time i’ve ever been on a list and it’s still fun.

Last week my song “clouds” made a top songs of 2010 podcast on polaroids of androids.  it was the first time i’d ever been on a list and it was fun.

i played alot of shows this year, all of which had secret words, many of which i can’t remember.  some were:

  • alphabetical
  • curvacious
  • rod stewart: android
  • william shatner
  • gumption
  • dental plan
  • dragon master
  • griffin slayer
  • cromulent
  • lights in the skies

the best gigs of the year were hobart + music = yeah and the gate.

i also had a great time at this is not art where i sat on a panel and talked about axis.

i got to make a mixtape sorta thing for a polaroids of androids podcast and inflict my taste in music on the masses.

i put out an animated film clip for vigilante with midi and lights:

my name was in sos

i released my debut album and it landed album of the week on FBi.

it was also uploaded to a russian file-sharing website.

it’s been a good year.  onwards into a happy and productive twenty-eleven!



  1. Jon
    December 31, 2010

    Don’t forget you also joined Tailor Made For A Small Room. It’s been great playing with you, Bob!

    • bob
      December 31, 2010

      ah of course! yes, yes and had alot of fun with tailor made for a small room!