wing scout

Posted by on Aug 30, 2009 in animation, DIY, music, video

i’ve been plugging away at a new music video for melbourne/sydney band agnes kain. check ’em out! they’re great. they’ve got a new album on the way (like me:) and this clip will be for the first single… i’m not sure if i can mention its name so i won’t. the concept involves a collection of 2 second video clips, aeriel video, toys and a birdman. it’s a mix of both animation and video – the first clip i’ve done that’s not purely animated. went location scouting today for this scene:

and found this:

which is just about perfect. i’m making the birdman’s wings out of bamboo and heshen tonight. then all that’s left to do is jump off the roof to check they work. if they don’t i’ll just have to jump off something higher.