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Posted by on Oct 28, 2009 in excitement, music, the intertron


my EP This is how I hear your voice is now in delicious digital form.  you can stream it from this lovely little widget,  you can listen to it here, you can click share and tweet about it, you can click download and buy it for half the cost of the physical disc and you can click download and pay significantly more for it because you want to support my whimsical endeavors.  isn’t the internet great?  the EP will be up on itunes soon too so you’ll be able to do that whole thing too if you’d like.  i tend to avoid itunes after it ate my entire mp3 collection (TWICE) but maybe you’ve had better luck.

it’s all quite exciting and in celebration i have a free EP set aside for you.  just send me a tweet, leave a comment or send me an email answering this question:

how do you think YOU will survive the approaching inevitable robot uprising?

the best answers received before November 4th receive a copy of the EP and stickers with robots and swear words on them. robots and swear words!

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