VIZZable 2.1

VIZZable2 is a suite Max for Live plugins for video manipulation and performance in Ableton Live 9.   Originally based on Max’s VIZZIE devices, VIZZable has been rebuilt from the ground up to take advantage of gen which allows for very fast and efficient video processing on the GPU.  VIZZable is suitable for live audio visual performance, VJing, interactive installations or audio visual composition and production.  OSX users can use syphon to route video between VIZZable and other applications.

VIZZable has a new home!
For more info and to download VIZZable goto

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    • can you give me some more details of the problems your facing?
      If it’s a crash, there was a windows bug that i squashed about an hour after first releasing VIZZable2. Try redownloading, might fix your prob.
      good place to ask for help is the google group linked to above.

  1. I’m psyched about this, and these are working well together, but I’m not sure if I’m missing something: Are they incompatible with the first VIZZable patches or the original VIZZY patches? I’m trying to build a SLIDR using the old one but can’t get it to connect. Is this a GL issue?

    Thanks for making awesome things!

    • yes, they’re probably not compatible… but some might be… just no promises. VIZZable 2 uses GL textures (FAST!) while the VIZZable 0.9.* uses jitter matrices.
      Eventually I plan to rewrite all the orignal effects.

    • Currently there are video features of Max that aren’t supported in 64 bit. Also Quicktime performs much better in 32 bit. 64-bit’s main advantage is that it can address more RAM so you won’t actually see any performance benefits unless you’re using a lot of audio tracks and in many cases performance is actually worse (as in the case of video).

      • I switched back to 32bit and it def made a huge difference. And actually yes my performance was WAY worse. Thanks so much. This is beautiful. I appreciate all that you have done.

  2. hey, i was really really into vizzable 1 on my old computer with 32bit ableton. any plans for 64 bit?


    dome chomsky

  3. Hi Bob

    The midigrid is the only imput that works.
    The grabber give me chaos with a lot of lines.(V1 works perfeckt)
    All effekts freez the input and nothing happens.
    I install the newest versions of Ableton Live, Max for Live and Quicktime.
    I used Windos Xp.
    Mabey you have a idea?

    Sorry for my english.

    • It’s hard to know.
      It’s very important that Ableton, Max and Quicktime are all 32-bit so that’s the first thing to check.

      The biggest difference between version 1 and version 2 is that version 2 makes much more use of the graphics card so you could try installing the latest drivers for your graphics card.

      It might also be a problem with XP so if you have the ability to test Windows 7 that might also be something to try.

      Let me know how you go.

  4. All seems to work as expected on non-retina mbp bought in december, running 10.8.3 and Live 9.03, max full version 6.12.
    Just sayin’ :))

  5. Very cool plugin set. How would someone save and render a video/music creation using the plugins with Live? Is there a special routing required? (Or is it just a matter of using the normal render to audio/video in Live?)

    Thanks and I will send you a donation if this works for rendering audio/video the way I need it too. I appreciate your work.

    • hi David,
      you have a few options depending on your operating system. vizzable has a recordr plugin that will save the output from your viewr. it works but there are better solutions that result in better performance and hence higher framerate.

      if you’re on mac, use the viewr from the syphonplugs folder and output to syphonrecorder (see the readme).

      if you’re on windows people have had success with fraps.

      all of these solutions just give you video, no audio, so a standard workflow would be to record your audio into a spare track in ableton at the same time as recording your video, then bring your video back into arrangement view, line it up and output as usual.


  6. So to record the output using Syphon, you would make a new device using connected to a jit.vcr ? ‘scuse the noobiness but I came to max not so long ago, with no video background at all…

      • Just made a test with syphon recorder with great results ! As seen by other users, Live often freezes when saving the set for the first time. Well, in fact, not really but it take at least 3 mn for it to properly display the saving window dialog. I think this is related to this silly OS version (I mean 10.8.x …). I would really like to be able to revert to 10.6.

    • hey,
      syphon recorder is in the list of applications on the right here :

      to record out of vizzable, first install the syphon max extensions (sounds like you’ve done this).
      then use the viewr in the syphonplugs folder of VIZZable and click the syphon button.
      vizzable should then appear as a source in syphon recorder.

      if it doesn’t, please open up the viewr in the editor and see if max is throwing any errors.


  7. Hey,

    I cant seem to get the grabber to work??

    I have ableton 9, max 6.1, Mac osx lion.

    Wont work with my unibrain firewire cam or internal cam?

    in the grabber it lists the camera in the bottom drop down box, and IIDC Firewire cam in the top drop down box, have a viewer out that is just black??

    When I change to the USB Video class video the green light on the internal cam comes on, but still black on the viewer??

    I have a uni project due in 2weeks, been trying to get a Webcam grabber to work for weeks and just cant seem to get it to work :(

    If there is anyway you could help I would be eternally gratefull :(


    • does the playr or any other input work? can you get the original vizzie grabbr module to work in a blank max or maxforlive patch (right click, paste from clippings)? i did see your other comment re 32bit – the problems you’re seeing are symptomatic of running 64bit so a triple check might be worth while. also try running system update, might be an os issue.

  8. Hey, thanks for the reply.

    When you say running 64 bit, you mean running the 64bit version of ableton/max right?

    My laptop is 64bit compatible, but when I open Ableton/max, it states 32bit in the bottom corner….

    I havent tried any of the above, will give it a go and let you know.

  9. Hey,

    Updated…still no joy :(

    Got a max pax with a grab working with the Firewire cam, so really dont know what is happening :(

    • hmmm. strange. can you click edit on the grabbr module and hit command+m to see if there are any errors in the console. what model is your computer? are max and ableton the latest version?

  10. Hello Bob

    Great port to live 9!!
    Many thx!
    Obviously not all modules from the older release are contained…
    Are they working together? I am missing the fx.slider module very much for example. Tried to adapt it myself by copy and pasting it to the fx template module but without success… Is there a simple way to do it?
    Is there a in.playr module in the new release, cause i dont see it anywhere?

    • hey gerd,
      no, the suite’s been substantially rewritten and isn’t compatible with the earlier version. i do plan to rewrite all the effects eventually.

      yes, there’s a playr. it’s now called supaplayr.


  11. Hello Bob
    I’ve seen the supaplayr. But i would like just one simple playr.
    I used the one from the old release which seem to work with the new modules cause it has to be in the beginnng of the chain it seems to connect with the other modules. i tried to update the m4l video connect devices in the older ones or just to connect the jit.slide output to the gl.pix.
    which gl context do the modules share? as a simple and not necceseraly the most efficent hack: could it work out to put the old matrixes to an gl videoplane or gl slab and then to gl.pix or something like that?


    • Hey Gerd
      The autoconnect API VIZZable uses is here:
      It has a clipping for creating matrix based fx. Alternatively, is a good way to turn a matrix into a texture.

      The context vizzable uses is dynamic. On load, the effects sends a bang to [s drawquery]. The viewr then responds by sending the context out of [r drawto]. Have a look inside the effect template – this would be a good shell to insert the slidr effect.

      Also, jump on the google group if you have any more max related questions:


  12. Hey Bob.

    Managed to get it working! for some reason I had to open the edit window in M4L to get it to kick in, plus I removed the macam component in the quicktime folder and rebuilt the scripts etc.

    Thanks for all your advice!!

    Now I just need to work out how to trigger clips in max for live with RGB!!

  13. Will it be possible in a future update to have vizzable with an option to have the sound of our videos…..Awesome work btw


    • Hi Ben,
      while developing the supaplayr I did experiment with implementing audio but it came at a performance cost and introduced some instability so I opted to leave it out.
      In the future, if I can find a way to incorporate audio without sacrificing performance I might bring it back.
      At this stage I like the fact that audio and video are decoupled – if you run a supaplayr next to a drum rack you can swap in and out audio and video clips as you please.


      • Can you just type me a little walkthrough to how to get the audio, I am not familiar with drum rack and swap mode… Thanx in advance


  14. Hello! This is a great set of devices. Thank you so much for making them!

    I have found one issue that I have not been able to solve. The Recorder patch works fine on my older MacBookPro with 10.6.8, but not on my newer one with 10.8.3. Is there a known compatibility issue?

    Thanks again!

    • not a known issue but if you’re on osx, i recommend you use syphon and syphon recorder – much better performance.

  15. Hey, this is a great bunch of tools… Wasnt what I was looking for but in some ways much better :D

    I’m trying to find a way to just play music videos as clips, as part of a DJ set. So complete Video clips? Would this be possible with your patches, or can you suggest something?


    • There are a few tools that do this. I believe traktor has something along these lines. In it’s current state VIZZable might not be your best option. In the next release I plan to implement dropping video files into clip slots in session view which might make it exactly what your looking for. Keep exploring other options and keep an eye out for the next VIZZable update :)


  16. Great devices! Thank you! work really well… Also, was unaware of Syphon so thanks for putting me on to that too.. Donation on its way! :)

  17. using 32 bit, latest max6, m4l, and ableton 9. i’m getting previewing in the windows and even with the routing done correctly the VIEWR will not display what i see in the previewr. known bug?

    • hmmm. it’s strange that your seeing things in the previewr and not the viewr as that means the viewr is working and passing the image through. ARe you on windows? I’ve seen similar problems on windows that were all fixed by updating/reinstalling 32bit quicktime. If you still have probs shoot me an email.

  18. Hello,
    my question is:
    it’s possible to work with static Images (jpeg, tiff etc.) in combination with ?
    I have try this but not seem to work.
    I have try with jpeg.
    thank you for VIZZable!!!

    • yep, you can use stills no problem.
      try renaming the image extension to .jpg
      make sure live and max are both the latest 32-bit versions and if you’re on windows either update or reinstall 32bit quicktime.

  19. heya,

    amazing tools! i’m curious if you can help with the problem below.

    i’m on live 9.0.5 (32 bit) with max 6.1.3 (most up to date version) and using updated quicktime too on OSX 10.8.4

    trying to get video in with “VIZZable.IN.grabbr” but get a “NO VIEWER DETECTED” in video box
    the menus are also unresponsive (supposed to be drop-down menus i imagine?)
    i also tried “VIZZable.IN.syphr” and had the same issues.

    for both, i opened the patches and found no errors in the max window except “gen is in runtime mode”

    do i need to own gen to use this?

    my video cam has been working in some other patches alright earlier today…..curious if i need any externals or there’s something i’m missing….besides being a genius!

    thanks so much for your time.



  20. Excited to get in and use these. Can you point me to the reference/help files for this?
    Like where is the basic readme that explain what each thing does/how to use it? Or a video?

    I watched the above videos, searched in the google group, and read the readme in the zip, what am I missing.

    Just looking for the basics on what each patch does. Do i get to this inside ableton/max? Im sure all my questions could be answered with a simple link.
    Thanks you so much

  21. For whatever reason, grabber was not recognizing my usb cam, but suddenly it does. (just dragging an effect between grabbr and viewr made it work) I am able to tinker now and WOW.

    Everything is really self explanatory, except the scope and midigrid plugins. I get what they are suppose to do, but ableton wont let me drag them before the viewer. If you could clarify or point me toward a manual that would be stellar.

    No rush, this suite is going to keep me occupied for days!!! First million dollars I make is going toward your land in Tasmania :) Thanks so much for the time you put into this, and giving this artist a palette to pull from.

    • hey, as long as you’ve got a viewr in your set, you should be able to figure the rest out! a few devices like the scope are audio devices. have a watch through the vids and you’ll see how they all hook up. new version coming out very shortly with much better performance and new features!

    • The 32 bit limitation is due to Max not yet being fully 64bit compatible. When Max is 64 bit, VIZZable will be 64bit. VIZZable will not work with jbridge as the plugins are Max for Live devices not VSTs.

      As far as live goes, at this stage 32bit is actually the better option for most users. I get asked this a lot and I know there are many people using 64bit just be cause 64 is a bigger number than 32! See here:

  22. I’m confused. I was downloading live 9.0.5 32bit and I see there is max for live 6.1 64 bit??? Yet it still won’t work? Loading live 32bit to try…

  23. Well, when I try to load my 64 bit master set (I’ve been building for 4 months) in 32 bit, live crashes! I guess I’m waiting for max to catch up. :(
    Ps I’m using 8.5 gb of ram currently.

    • So, I decided to give it a go in 64bit last night. So far so good, I’ve got visuals dancing to the music (givin, it’s simplistic)! Wondering why it’s “not supposed to work” in 64bit? It was stated that max isn’t 64bit, but my other max4live devices work as well???

    • That’s most likely because the LFO and envelope plugins create rendering contexts to draw that nice display of the waveform. Switching to the older versions from max5/live8 should fix it. I might make versions of those plugins without the display in the future.

      What spec computer are you using btw?

  24. Windows8 64bit
    I7 2760
    8GB 1666mhz
    nvidia GT540M for my external display (gives me around 50 fps with around effects but without the preview windows on)
    and intel graphics on my laptop built in screen just for Ableton to run in.

    and a 256 Samsung SSD

  25. Amazing! Thank you for the update! I am a music teacher and I use this with my class to produce instant controllable visual art even for those with a handicap and that need computer adaption to take part and to take a creative role in the group.

  26. Hi,
    Thx for the gear so far…

    However, having issues with Syphon.
    Installed the two mxi files for in the apps folder under a unique file; Max 6.1.3 picked up the file path fine.

    But, no jit,gl.syph in the object explorer.

    Running Live9 in 32bit., Max is 32 bit both on a MacOS.

    Any help would be welcomed.


    • Hi,
      In VIZZable 2.1 you don’t need to install Syphon manually. Is syphon working for you in other applications? Hit me up on email if you can, I’ll help you dig. Bob.

  27. Plug ins are amazing. Exactly what I need for what I do. Thank you! I wanted to ask if there was a recommendation for videos rendered (codec, size, etc) that would optimize the smoothness of the video that the viewr puts out? I’m working with chopped videos in most cases and they’re already jerky but the rhythm of the chops/cuts are important to presentation. And again thank you! Now I can take a break from learning max and get back to making things. And maybe do a little homework. :)

    • Quicktime, PhotoJPG is the way to go. There’s a big speed boost at 74% quality but higher than that will look better and still perform well. Stay away from H264. Post some vids of what you’re working on!

  28. Thanks for all your hard work on this, can’t seem to get the clip player to work though, dropping .mov files on to an audio track containing a clip player and then playing them doesn’t play the video on the player screen although the file name is displayed. Frustrating to get so close! You have done a hell of a job with this though, and I am really enjoying playing!

    Vizzable 2.1, Max 6.3, Live 9.5, Win 7, Quicktime

    • Hey Paul,
      had a few reports of the same problem. So far they’ve all been fixed by updating max to the latest version. Give that a go and let me know how you go.
      Also make sure you’re clips are quicktime (.mov) – the photoJPG codec is a good choice.

  29. Hi Bob,

    Thanks for the mail; it works now.
    Here’s quick video, first attempt.
    I know its not as good as some of the others, but now I now what it can do!!!


  30. Thanks a ton for this! The new update has been better than anything I ever expected to get out of Live! First live show ever and running Viz smoothly. I’m raving about this around Milwaukee. Great. No… Ridiculous.

  31. Hi!
    i’m using Vizzable in Live 9 (64 bit…) and works well! Just a question: i need to use my iphone as video input. i use an app called Epoccam but Vizzable doesn’t recognize the driver, so i can find facetime only as input. Any idea?

  32. bob, download vizz2, it doesn’t work for me followd the video to the T. ckd… ver. 6.1.3 MAX 9.0.6 ABL
    no video whit clipviewr when i first drug mov. files it warned me that ABLTN. treats videos in session view as audio.

    when I drug a Max instr. into track and clicked on Max editor button i got an “error -7″ code any solutions.

    please can you help this seems like an awesome M4L addition..


    • Sounds like an error in your Max install. Try wiping and reinstalling live and Max 32bit. That warning live gives you is expected, you can safely ignore it. Maybe have an ask on the ableton or cycling74 forum’s about error code 7.

  33. Hey!
    Played a festival in Atlanta using Vizzable and it went off without any problems! Thanks! I’m looking to elevate my set with a few other programs and am having trouble getting syphon IN to recognize anything? Are there any particular conditions for it to see other programs? FYI I want to syphon in a signal from a kinect masker app and then grid 4 it with some of my other creations syphon out to madmapper. is there a recommended order for this? Or is this even possible? And thank you again for all of your help!

    • I suspect the problem you’re coming across is the kinect masker produces an image that is black and zero alpha. It effectively looks like nothing until you use it to mask an image. If you get the unstable version of vizzable ( you can use the over mixing mode in the four mixer with the kinect masker on the top layer and you should see what i mean.

      To test syphon is working for you, try the demo server app on the syphon page –


  34. Hi, thanks for your work !
    A question : when I use the rackPlayr, video start is perfect with no latency, but when I use the clipPlayr, when I start another clip, the image comes with a latency(100/150MS) ; the audio is ok…
    What can I do ?
    Thank you for your help
    / Video codec : Photo jpeg / Win 7/XP / Live 9 32Bit

    • Hi Seb,
      yes, that’s a known issue with the clip playr. Reducing your audio buffer size might help. I’ll be working to improve this in the next vizzable release.

  35. Just found out… For those wishing to export audio along with video on OSX: ableton/vizzable2.1 -> wavTap -> syphon recorder :works.

    • That’s almost certainly a driver issue. I’ve got it working under windows and mac. Windows I’m using CL-eye. Not sure of the mac driver.

  36. hi,

    is here a limit to the size of video that will play? I am trying to play a .mov clip that is 85.6 MB and I get no response when trying to play the clip. I have another clip that is 5.8 MB and that clip plays great.

    both clips play inside ableton when I play the clips in arrangement view. the only problem is the large clip not playing once I place it into the rackPlayr.

    any suggestions?

    thank you,

    • Size shouldn’t matter too much as long as you have enough ram.
      The biggest factor in video performance is the codec the videos are encoded with.
      Make sure both vids are quicktime movies (.mov) using the photojpeg codec.


  37. hi thank u for these lovely tools – I have a problem VIZZable 2.1 doesnt seem to recognise my isigth camera – i havet he latest mac book pro 2013 15′ – when loading the grabber I only see these options available: DVCPRO (x4 options) DV video, IIDC Firewire video, USB video class video none of them gives me any signal thru the viewer – what am i doing wrong? cheers

  38. Hi Bob,

    Vizzable is great, the possibility to launch video clips from the session view is what I always wanted!
    I was using Resolume but now it could make sense to move to Vizzable. Direct integration with Ableton Live and the CPU performance is great.

    The only thing I miss is the ability to add some text to the videos. This can be easily done in Resolume because Flash can be integrated. I don’t think there is any easy solution for Vizzable… Any idea?

    Thanks in advance!

  39. I use win 7 and 64-bit ableton live. I want to export videos but vizzable 2.1 on windows doesn’t contain export option. Will you update it?

  40. Don’t get Syphon running with Live9, m4l (max6.1.)

    I’ve copied “” and “” into applications/max6.1/packages/Syphon/externals

    Vizzable don’t get a source with the syphin-plugin and Syphon-Simple-Client don’t get a source when i use the syphout-plugin in live. anyone know my mistake?

    (I also tried to copy the .mxo files into applications/max6.1/cyclin-74/externals – but it makes no difference)

  41. Hello,
    First & foremost congratulations for the software developed, very nice and interesting. I work with Windows 8 and XP and I have a question for you.
    Is it possible to launch two “VIEWER” and associate them with two separate video outputs on the computer to run two projectors? (Of course I’ve already tried but it doesn’t work).
    Thanks in advance for your response

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