talking music video @ ACMI

Posted by on Mar 27, 2012 in animation, DIY, excitement, video

I (like many) have  always wanted to guest program rage.  In order to do that though, I’d first need to become famous. And that requires a lot of time and effort that I could instead be putting towards jumping up and down in front of my laptop making strange noises (true story).   Happily, I’ve been invited by ACMI to come and talk about animation, music videos, tech hackery and all the things I do when instead I should be going out there getting famous.  I’m gonna screen some of my work as well as some music videos that have pressed the OMG button in my brain.  Like these ones:





It’s happening Tuesday, April 3rd, 6PM @ Studio 1, ACMI (Federation Square, Melbourne).   It’s a free event but you do need to book here. come! say hello and ask me things!