sunsets like star wars

Posted by on Mar 10, 2009 in animation, excitement, gigs, video | No Comments

so no gigs in.. what month are we in again?.. march. but soon enough. album is progressing. it’s been whittled down to 15 tracks and they’re all going to mesh together and reprise and be thematic and stuff. several guest superstars, probably including phil collins, are contributing. stars are mentioned several times. as are dragons.

for the last fortnight or so my efforts have been focused once again on the visual realm with a vj set i played for the baron’s ep launch (check em out!). it’s an exciting new world for me, being able to play video in a similar fashion to playing music. i wish to do more. and i hope to use this experience to incorporate video into the new zeal set. should be fun. and a massive amount of work. yay! anyhoo.  here’s a slice of the baron set just for you.

the baron – striking

back to work.