projection mapping clap clap

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my projection mapped styrofoam box
projection mapping – projecting video or still images on to non-flat surfaces.

i’m in the preparation/experimentation stages for an animation shoot and for this one i’m trying something a bit different.  rather than creating paper props and such, i’m planning to project a background on to a white set.  from traipsing across the internet i’ve found some really amazing examples of this technique so i thought i’d throw them up here for you to enjoy. of course, if you read create digital motion you would have seen all of this before.

the best example i’ve seen so far is this short film…

SCINTILLATION from Xavier Chassaing on Vimeo.

from reading on vimeo, apparently a lot of that is stop motion.  tres impressive, non?

another nifty example is this shoe ad. there’s a good interview about the making of with someone involved here. i would have liked to have seen a slave labor factory projected behind the sexy couple to inject a bit of reality into the mix but i suppose if they did that they mightn’t have gotten the job.

last but not least there’s this dude who’s put up a program he wrote in max that allows for easy projection mapping and it’s free!  i don’t know if i’ve spoken about the wonders of max/msp – but it’s the program i use to get my guitar hero controller to pump out midi.  the program really does do anything you want it to.  you can also easily modify software other people make to fit you own needs.  which is exactly what i’m going to do for this next animation project!  wow, that ties this whole thing up nicely.