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Posted by on Jun 25, 2009 in animation, excitement, gigs, music

feedback bugs

for the last few weeks i’ve been working on a clip for melbourne band cuba is japan.  they make sorta soundtracky, interesting music.  it’s really great stuff to work with visually… it’s great stuff in general.  i’ll put a video sample up once my internet is dethrottled.  it’s a fun project to have been working on too.  broken into three sections, the clip starts with bugs coming out of cocoons, continues with bugs flying and ends with bugs dying.  my job was the begining and end with the flying bit in the middle being animated by another robert elsewhere in australia.  it’s all being pieced together by various animators, illustrators, director/producer/editors and new zealanders via the wonders of the internet… and snail mail.  when i post a video about this i’ll put up a run down of everyone involved and their particular claims to awesomeness.


and this is going to be something special. why?  because: ZEAL IS PLAYING WITH ALEKS AND THE RAMPS AT THE JADE MONKEY JULY 9TH!

aleks and the ramps with mixylodian and zeal

it’s difficult to explain how exciting this is.  i’ve wanted to play with aleks and the ramps for years.  so come!  it’s my first gig in 6 months!  hear the new album!  watch my new guitar hero max patch in action!  see my audio/visual spectacular of which the visual component isn’t quite complete!

click here for the facebook event. invite your friends :)

ok.  that’s enough for now.


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  1. Pheebs
    June 25, 2009

    how exciting!
    i wish we could have you for our gig next week but we’ll have to come watch you on the 9th ^_^