of my sandmen

Posted by on Dec 5, 2008 in excitement, music, video games

long time no post. yes, my internet presence has been slightly neglected. apologies. but i have much to report. recording! recording! recording! after the string of gigs last october, i’ve a veritable bounty of tunes and beats and, at this point in time, i am committing them to binary. you could almost say i’m recording an album. and i even know what’s it’s going to be called… but i’m not telling. although recording at the mighty ja’s studio conctrete looked like this…

we recorded some drum samples two floors down in a big empty concrete room. the mic leads made their way down via the window and the side of the building but unfortunately we couldn’t get a headphone send down there. solution: a coke bottle + a piece of string. communique inside bottle. bottle out the window. genius! headphones are over rated i say. i was going to make a movie of this but hit a wall when i discovered how unbelievably crap imovie is… *about an hour later*… bah! combination of after effects screwing up and imovie not letting me pick my freaking export format. laaaaame! ok. never mind. hey, here’s an mp3 of a new song! it’s me in front of my computer playing ukulele and singing the morning after the last octoberlaide gig. anyone who came to that gig (rhino room) – this is that song i forgot all the words too.

ok, so what else? well i’ve sort of officially release my ep. it’s release has been up in the air for almost a year due to a series of minor disasters and roadblocks in the shapes of people. so i’ve taken a page out of the book of punk and i’m going DIY.

speaking of DIY (a segway worthy of radio!) i’ve been knee deep in drums and DIY midi triggers thanks in part to the truly wonderful guitar hero four. this game is really teaching me to drum. it’s the future of music education – or any skills training – i tells ya. my current project is converting the wireless usb drum kit into a fully functional midi drum kit. all of that equals a wireless, usb, midi drum kit. which is pretty neat. that will be the next post. right now, i’m off to drum.
bob out.