of cats and space and shiny things…

Posted by on Aug 5, 2008 in animation, excitement, music, the intertron, video | No Comments

zeal is in the portable film festival! my clip for salt is up for voting. gosh i hate these voting things. damn lazy event promoters putting the onus on the artists! bah! i should be spending this time making things. but i’m not. i’m here convincing you to vote for me. you’ll be happy to know that i spent the last few months making something instead of convincing you to vote for me. and here (vote for me) it is! a new clip for the impossibly lustrous: FAUX PAS and his track Coach.

hooray! there’s another secret new faux pas clip by me up on youtube/zealtv too and i think it’s better. those of you with the faux pas changes EP might have an inkling as to what it might be… have a look why don’t you. and while you’re there check out my shiny new “channel honours”. i’m the #89th most viewed musician in australia today. that’s going in the pool room.

and thanks to the people who donated their cats. i’m sorry i couldn’t bring all of them back to earth. kittens burn up surprisingly fast on re-entry.