more zeal in sydney. lofty.

Posted by on Sep 2, 2010 in excitement, gigs, music, the intertron

Anyone following my tweets or facebook might have seen this campaign that was run by the wonderful and not at all paranoid polaroids of androids to land me another gig in sydney. well, it worked!

this show is on top the the show on the 18th at the gate which is sold out at this stage but if you register here you may be able to claim a spot.  the loft show on the 17th is free so come, come, come!  i’ve gotta say, the most awesome people exist on the internet.  so many lovely people have helped line all this up but  i’ll thank them all in audible words at these shows.   i’ll also be on FBi talking about stuff and playing a tune or two on the 17th around 4:30.   yay sydney.

and of course this weekend is hobart=music=yeah!(!)

Hobart + Music = Yeah!

way, way, way exciting.  if you come to either of these shows you’ll be among the first to see my guitar in it’s new shiny form:

lots happening.  right now, sleep.