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Posted by on Jul 13, 2009 in animation, DIY, excitement, gigs, music, video, video games

Thanks to everyone who made it out to the Aleks and the Ramps album launch. it was a great night. there’s some footage of the night that i’ll post up when i can. if you’re unfamiliar with the ramps you should go edumacate your self. they’ve got a new clip which is pretty fantastic and just happens to share a few themes with my clip for faux pas‘ track coach. while i can’t really overtly claim it’s plagerisation, i certainly can insinuate it.


i know now some of you might think this whole thing’s a trick, that they are both obviously exactly the same video, but i promise you there are some subtle differences. It might help to watch on a larger screen…

and if you want to do that you can! because COACH is going to be screened through out july at fed square in melbourne thanks to a competition curated by the portable film festival. it’s fun news, coach has been pretty underground since its creation. so if you’re around melbournia between July 15th to 25th go and see it debut daily for ten days … i don’t mean you should go see it all 10 of those days. just the first day. and the last day. and the day right in the middle. and the two days between the first day and the middle day and the middle day and the last day. then arrange yourselves into human sculptures to represent the screening times you’re attending. tearing it’s debut from the 4th dimension into the 3rd with little forethought to the dire consequences for the cosmos. that would be an apt debut…

while this is an patch debut! the max/msp patch i built to drive my guitar hero midi controller.

i started out rebuilding my original ps2 controller patch and i’ve ended up with a pretty neat little mac app that turns your xbox360 guitar hero controller into a fully playable instrument covering up to and over 3 octaves. if you’re on windows and have max/msp (or the free max/msp runtime) it should work too.

you can choose a key and a scale and then play using a 15 note guitar-hero scale. it’s not hard and as long as you’re in the right key there aren’t any wrong notes. there’s a little heads up display you can put on top of what ever you’re controlling that tells you your current key and scale, along with whether you’re in either play or control mode. i’m getting it as user friendly as possible and writing up some documentation and then i’ll put it up here for download along with videos of it in action at the ramps show and other fun stuff. woo.