july 4th: moon explosion day

Posted by on Jun 29, 2010 in DIY, excitement, music

big things happening in zeal land. my new album is hitting the net july 4th! that’s only five more sleeps. the juicy details are as follows: it has eleven tracks, many of them mention robots, several mention dragons and the stars. the whole thing has a hearty serve of anti-authoritarianism. it’s a bit electronic, a bit folky, a bit poppy, a bit ukulele. i was listening to a lot of anticon when i wrote it so it’s got some wordiness in there too. it’s going to be a free download or you can buy the amazing handmade package you see above (and below). it’s all very exciting.

and if that wasn’t enough i’m puting togethert a new zeal website. if you see zealousy.com in your address bar you’re already looking at my shiny new site. there might some broken links in the archives as i shuffle things around but i’m on it. promise. and i have a show coming up too… i leave you in suspense for now. back to web making.