fly screen

Posted by on Oct 3, 2009 in animation, DIY, excitement, music, video

i’m knuckling down and editing the agnes kain clip over the weekend. it’s the first time i’ve tried final cut and it’s not that bad. i had to shed some prejudice brought on by my hatred for itunes and all apple software by association. but final cut’s actually alright. it runs much faster than premiere (which i made this with) but i’m still yet to find anything as intuitive as vegas (which i made this with). if anyone out there knows of any secret superstar video editing software let me know – i don’t think any developers have quite got it right yet. meant to put up this super exclusive behind the scenes pic last post. i’m all about ruining the magic.

ok, i should get back to editing instead posting stuff and playing in the world of text (which i made this with).