eyez in the skiez

Posted by on Aug 19, 2009 in animation, DIY, the intertron, video

photo by J.F. Sebastian

the last year or so i’ve been fooling around with getting a video camera to fly. you might think that’s about as likely as getting a pig to fly… but, if you think that, the variable you’re not taking into account is weight. pigs are heavier than cameras and thus requires more lift to get them airborne. and even if you do get pig airborne, what good’s it going to do? i suppose a whole lot of people who’ve carelessly used the phrase “when pigs might fly” may be forced to commit to verbal contracts they thought at the time they’d be able to disregard as they continue to wallow in their own crapulence. but pigs have already been flown around in planes so their wallowing must have been spoiled years ago! ok, back on track…

i’ve been using a radio controlled foam glider to carry a little HD video camera into the air and so far have had some moderate success. the plane flies well enough but to get usably stable footage is a challenge. the glider gets thrown around easily by the wind and also needs a good deal of space to get up and flying. on top of that, there are shot’s you just can’t get with a plane. from months of scouring forums about aerial photography (or AP as it’s abbreviated by people who’ve got nothing better to do [like me]) i’ve come to the conclusion a much better way to get a camera up into the air is a helicopter. further, an even better way to get a camera up is a tricopter. a tricopter is basically a tricycle with propellers instead of wheels. actually it’s nothing like that but the word “tricopter” is pretty self explanatory. sheesh. i’ve ordered parts to make something like this:

as a cool little demo of why flying cameras are so awesome i was going to embed blur’s clip for beetlebum but EMI in their omnipotence have disabled embedding. just one of the many signs that record companies have lost touch and are crumbling into the void. hooray for the internet. ok, no embeded beetlebum (that sounds like it requires surgery), here’s something else… people get really fancy and beam the video back down to the ground so they can fly from a first person view…

the technology’s just getting smaller and smaller, cheaper and cheaper. won’t be long ’til hovering cameras are the norm and they’ll be used on idol. maybe then they’ll give me a job and i can ‘accidently’ maim the competitors.