drop bear.

Posted by on May 3, 2009 in animation, excitement, music, the intertron, video, vj

i had the chance to break in my new button box the other night with a VJ set for 1.1 Immermann’s fundraiser. the excerpt above is mashed up from various nature documentaries, a clip from flight of the navigator and a glitchy sega clip from internet archive.

Jarrad Payne is the mastermind behind 1.1 Immermann [he also features on my upcoming record.] They were raising money to commit their new, very fine album to round, plastic discs. I can honestly say, with out hyperbole, that it will surely be a finer and more influential record than OK Computer, A Love Supreme and Revolver combined.

also… a new animation project will be starting up in the coming days. and on top of that, the new zeal album’s still progressing happily. a few of the many hit singles have been mixed and a release date will appear in the not too distant future.

let us rocket into said future.