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Hobart + Music = Yeah!

My goodness.  There’s alot coming up over the next two months.  One biggie in about a fortnight is HOBART + MUSIC = YEAH! A festivus of wonders…  I just made up that byline… maybe it’ll be picked up next year.  I’m playing with the splederous tiger choir who i’ve played with twice before and there are a stack of other great bands playing.  Also it’s cold and there are devils.  what more could you want?

I’m also working on a new VJ set for a live audio visual project for james annesley in his solo electronic guise.  I’m incorporating live video feeds into this set which is something new for me.  Dr Who style video feedback FTW!  I’m going to trial some of the new material still in it’s learning-to-walk phase this sunday at the workers club. We’ll see how it goes…

but wait there’s more.  I’m playing a show in Sydney September 18th which is way exciting as i’m yet to have carved up that particular town with my plastic axe of doom.  I’ll put a proper post up about that show soon.  There’s still more because there’ll probably be a radelaide show shortly after that.  Ampersand there’s even more because after that i’ll be at this years This is Not Art speaking as part of panel on  alternative controllers in electronic music… spoiler alert: ergonomics, stage presence and the buttler did it.  My new album is still free BTW.

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  1. Lightning Heart
    August 14, 2010

    ooh so many exiting things for you! that hobart festival looks awesoooooome!