click clik clique

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i discovered this awesome plastic model camera kit a few weeks ago. after two weeks of waiting for it to ship, two hours to put together, two days to take photos to fill up the roll and another two days to wait for it to process, i now have twenty four  beautifully grainy photos.

my original plan was to modify the camera to allow infinitely long shutter speeds and also to allow for multiple exposures but cameras inner-workings turned out to be more complicated than i expected so i i’ve resigned myself to the creativity inspiring limitations of point and click. pics post jump.

plastic 35mm model camera kit

this camera’s destined to capture the new album art. i think it’s a knock off of the supaheadz plamodel kit.  the supaheadz site is definitely worth checking out just because it’s awesome.


power lines and grass multiple exposure

film grain sea

i’ll be shooting a new film clip in a few days.  cocoons and projectors and many people from many places are involved.  i will share.