catnip smokers, smoke detectors

Posted by on Oct 14, 2008 in excitement, gigs, music, the intertron, video

hi to anyone  i met a ‘this is not art’ and is, by the slightest chance, reading this.  wow. fun.  in other news… did anyone know channel ten was busted for subliminal advertising during the arias?  and now, due to a very sus verdict, it seems a flash of 2 frames is considered subliminal while a flash of 3 frames is veritably liminal. [kill the french ambassador. you will kill the french ambassador. kill the french ambassador] media watch has the details. video.

my tour of octoberlaide is tearing through time and space… limited to october and adelaide respectively. posters!

saturday october 18, ed castle w/ brother sisterfriday october 24th, jade monkey w/ we grow up & the warsaw flowers

come check out the new tunes.  bob.