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i may not have been blogging terribly often the last few weeks but that’s because i was making this!  it’s for james annesley’s virtual proximity – the track’s called suburbia.  dig the album here. the clip was made using a combination of stop motion animation and projection mapping and i put together a little video […]


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i discovered there’s a shortage of keystroke to MIDI converters for mac so I made MIDIpress.  to use it… Download MIDIpress  select your keyboard from the menu on the left.  this might take some trial and error – when you find it the yellow button next to the menu will flash when ever you hit […]

suburbia #01

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i’ve started a new clip for Virtual Proximity – the sax/beats/pixels trio i VJ in.  the new clip uses a combination of stop motion animation and projection mapping.  so far the process has been something like this: 1.) animate thing 2.) project thing onto other thing 3.) capture thing 1 projected on to thing 2 […]

in the lab

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getting reactive

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many things

Posted by on Apr 20, 2011 in DIY, excitement, gigs, video, vj

much is happening. earlier this week i released an update to VIZZable, my set of video plugins for ableton live. it’s a big update with fancy new features like GL optimisation and autoconnection(!) the auto connection code is thanks to chris gough from the jitter in live google group. if you’re into video and ableton […]

AV club

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