collar collar bones y’all

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alright.  this is it.  this show’s going to be the first one where you can see my new live A/V set in all it’s flickering rainbow glory.  plus some exceptional bands.  yep, i said it, exceptional. if you’re yet to hear the magnificentness that is collarbones, they sound like this: pretty friggin’ awesome!  so come, see […]

Whaddaya Hear, Whaddaya Zay?

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My good friend Subsketch has started a podcast and this week it features me talking about all things Zeal thusfar.  He’s done some tricky editing to make me say things i never really said…  check it out Y’all!  Oh yeah! Give me that podcast! While you’re at it, check out all things Subsketch.  He makes […]

Vizzable now a legal scrabble word.

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peeps have been quick to jump on my new little max4live project Vizzable which has been great. I put together a quick live set to take this audiovisual automobile for a test drive: this is going to be the format of the new Zeal live set except expect some acoustic guitar, live sampling and words that […]


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i’ve been wanting to run video plugins since before Max for Live came into existence and Max/MSPs VIZZIE VJ modules seemed perfect as Ableton plugins. so i swapped out all the non-MIDI automatable parts and shoehorned some plugins together. (VIZZable has a new home!)   These plugins are completely compatible with the amazing V-module suite […]

zeal’s twenty-ten

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there goes 2010.  zeal relocated to melbourne and good things happened!  starting with what’s happening right now and working back…  i’m currently in adelaide where i’m set up in a bunker, recording new songs for some sort of ep early in the new year. My album is ranked third on a  “list”.  It’s the […]

shred ahead

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two or three more zeal shows before the year is out! 1.) Thursday 9th of December at the toff with rush in attack and 8-bit love 2.) Thursday 16th of December @ Pony with Junk, Uncle Chunk and Keith Party it’s the first time i’ve played either of these venues.  also, i might whip out a […]


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I’m supporting Parallel Lions next Thursday, November 18 at the Builders Arms.  This is a really exciting gig for me, Parallel Lions features Ollie from Art of Fighting who are high on my list of favourite bands ever.  And actually, I stole some AoF lyrics and used them as a reoccurring theme in my last album.  If […]