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Popsicle proudly presents: POP ROCKS Zeal, British Robots and Tracy Wheeler Band L!ve on Light Square, Friday, August 8th, 9PM $10 you must be able to tell how exciting this is. it’s made me disregard my usually steadfast lower case rule. click here if you’d prefer to listen to the poster. (a free EP to […]


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ah, it’s nice to be back. so, i’ll have to put up a more detailed post but basically – i got my appendix out. july tour is canceled. now it’s an october tour and will likely take in sydney, melbourne, brisbane and canberra. The Faux Pas film clip is finished!! i’ve been writing and recording […]


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much has happened, is happening and will, most probably, happen. last show was a good one. there were painters. that was great. again, again! faux pas clip still going well… end in sight. hoo. ray. (spoiler alert: the following picture depicts in detail the intense emotional resolution at the end of the clip) touring in […]

oh my god. it's full of stars.

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how to tear a hole in space-time on your bedroom floor: eat paint [in band form] subsketch [& the antidote] zeal [me] fad bar, friday the 25th of april, $7 and also, check this out! adelaide’s monthly indie pop extravaganza is being launched friday may 2nd. popsicle promises to be great and popsicle keeps its […]


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-=what i plan to do floating in what i am currently doing=- and coming up – subsketch‘s album launch. it will b something special. & speaking of something special, big thanks to everyone who made it to the bigstar basement gig. wow, it was fun! i’ve always wanted to play in a basement, i just […]

gigstar *

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my good friend subsketch and i have done something silly. we’ve agreed to play a big star instore (!) with a weeks notice. can we do it? come and see. we’ll be in the basement – truly underground.

all you need is xoxo.

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14 adelaidiens. millions of love songs. debut acoustic zeal singing sad songs to knock the lovers down a peg. take that. and after that, run down the street with me to fad bar and let’s do it all again! [see below] <3 <3 <3