many things

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much is happening. earlier this week i released an update to VIZZable, my set of video plugins for ableton live. it’s a big update with fancy new features like GL optimisation and autoconnection(!) the auto connection code is thanks to chris gough from the jitter in live google group. if you’re into video and ableton […]

Whaddaya Hear, Whaddaya Zay?

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My good friend Subsketch has started a podcast and this week it features me talking about all things Zeal thusfar.  He’s done some tricky editing to make me say things i never really said…  check it out Y’all!  Oh yeah! Give me that podcast! While you’re at it, check out all things Subsketch.  He makes […]

Vizzable now a legal scrabble word.

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peeps have been quick to jump on my new little max4live project Vizzable which has been great. I put together a quick live set to take this audiovisual automobile for a test drive: this is going to be the format of the new Zeal live set except expect some acoustic guitar, live sampling and words that […]

Walking into the Light

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New clip for Vigilante!  mmmmm…. lights. The pretty colours are provided by a Novation Launchpad which is sequenced/animated in Ableton Live. This track and the rest of the album are still free. Go get it. UPDATE: I’ve uploaded the MIDI file used to run the clip.  If you have a Launchpad and want to see […]

This is not an update

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Sydney was awesome. Pictures and thing will surface, I’m sure. like these ones: If you’re heading to this year’s TINA I’m going to part of a panel discussing making music with game controllers smart phones, not so smart phones etc.  I imagine I’ll be talking about AXIS and and MAX/MSP…  The TINA/Sound Summit Program puts […]


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My goodness.  There’s alot coming up over the next two months.  One biggie in about a fortnight is HOBART + MUSIC = YEAH! A festivus of wonders…  I just made up that byline… maybe it’ll be picked up next year.  I’m playing with the splederous tiger choir who i’ve played with twice before and there […]

full moon free

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My new album “With the Moon alongside Racing Us Home” launched today.  It’s available as a free download and also as CD in lovingly handmade cardboard sleeves made just for you.  I wrote and recorded the album throughout 2009 in my bedroom studio dubbed The Pentagon, It has reoccuring themes of robots, dragons, anarchism and […]