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Posted by on Apr 19, 2009 in DIY, excitement, music, vj | 5 Comments

what do you get when you combine the guts of a usb keyboard, a box and a stack of buttons? a button box!


inspired by this, all it does is pump out letters, but wonderful software of today like max and ableton let you do what ever you want with key presses. i’m using it for clip selection in vjing… and for typing very limited phrases such as quazi reader rad fad.

details –
the rows of smaller buttons pump out qwer, asdf, zxcv & tyui. the red button is caps lock which acts like a bank switch and the larger black buttons are 123 for navigation. other than that… i don’t know, it involved a lot of soldering and it’s white and blue.



  1. Pheebs
    April 21, 2009

    i have no idea what any of that means but it looks so cool
    by the way, we still need to finish off this roll of film young sir!

    • bob
      April 21, 2009

      haha. it’s as much a sculpture as anything else :)

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