if you build it…

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they will come, take a photo of it, print it, cut it out and take a photo of the photo.

building shoot

got through one bar today. 16 frames. more tonight.
in other news, today i discovered that if you google “zeal” [yes, i google myself] this is the third ranking site… at least if you google me in australia. i didn’t do a single thing to rank that high. thank you wordpress. i love you.

star machine

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so i’m finally down to the business end of the faux pas clip. shot 128 frames of scrolling stars yesterday. at 8 frames a second and 120 beats a minute that’s… ummm… 8 bars! another day of shooting ahead. life’s good.

zealalentinarathon xoxo

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fun and games, guns and fame

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on my recent travels around the intertron, i stumbled upon an old nes game, labyrinth – based on the 1986 masterpiece of the same name. don’t get me started on labyrinth… the fusion of bowie and henson was so obvious, it’s surprising it took them so long. but anyway, the best thing about this game is that somewhere out there, a nes programmer got to make 8-bit covers of david bowie songs. magic dance


all you need is xoxo.

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14 adelaidiens. millions of love songs. debut acoustic zeal singing sad songs to knock the lovers down a peg. take that.

and after that, run down the street with me to fad bar and let’s do it all again! [see below] <3 <3 <3

invisible valentine. xoxo.

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roll up! roll up! fad bar! valentines day!

subsketch and i have produced an ad which’ll be aired on 3d in the coming fortnight. it’s also being aired on your computer right now!

boxes and boxes

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premise: cats in space on keyboards.

philosophy: imperfect symmetry.