oh my god. it's full of stars.

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how to tear a hole in space-time on your bedroom floor:

eat paint [in band form]
subsketch [& the antidote]
zeal [me]
fad bar, friday the 25th of april, $7

and also, check this out! adelaide’s monthly indie pop extravaganza is being launched friday may 2nd. popsicle promises to be great and popsicle keeps its promises.



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are you here to help with my catsup problem?

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combining my rc flight and animation interests has resulted in the above catship flying through the below catcity.


adelaide, SA – 04/04/08

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-=what i plan to do floating in what i am currently doing=-


and coming up – subsketch‘s album launch. it will b something special. & speaking of something special, big thanks to everyone who made it to the bigstar basement gig. wow, it was fun! i’ve always wanted to play in a basement, i just never knew it.

this july: sydney, canberra, melbourne, tasmania. yay!


gigstar *

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my good friend subsketch and i have done something silly. we’ve agreed to play a big star instore (!) with a weeks notice. can we do it? come and see. we’ll be in the basement – truly underground.

whoops, i blunk

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subliminal mystery image and keyboard with a very serious (paw sized) switch.

and… zeal national tour this july! stay tuned.