Creative Code stickers!

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I’ve put together a range of laptop stickers featuring some of my favourite creative coding environments. Every web-app these days has a sticker you can slap on your laptop. I feel like we in the Creative Coding community should have the same. Now you can get stickers for openFrameworks, TouchDesigner, Max, Pure Data and Spout. […]

Undo M4L device

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Someone on reddit enquired about midi-mapping the undo function so I made this device.  Undoing is all it does. Download Undo 1.1

Obstinate music video

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Music video for Packwood The video uses a mix of video processing, computer graphics and stop motion animation. Image processing and graphics programming was done in openFrameworks, then each of the 3500 frames were then printed out using a laser printer and recaptured on a lightbox. openFrameworks code for the project is available here. Documentation […]

on approach

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I’ve been chipping away at vizzable 3. It’s looking nicer… It runs standalone in Max and is compatible with BEAP and VIZZIE. (what??) There is an FFGL module in the works and it can even run in Max and Ableton simultaneously (woah!) Back to the lab.


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Teaming up with Kiwi media artist Oliver Ellmers, we’ve started up a new experiential design company Blunk.  Our goal with Blunk is to use emerging technologies to create previously impossible experiences and one of our first pieces is a technical demonstration of the new Spout video sharing framework for windows.  Channels is a made-for-vimeo interactive […]


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Spout is out!  About a year in the making, Spout is similar to Syphon but for Windows and was made by my Dad.  Today it was released into the wild and you can go get it here.  With Spout you are able to pass video between Max, Processing, Resolume, VVVV, openFrameworks, Cinder and VIZZable as well […]

organ hacking 101

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For several months throughout 2013 Virtual Proximity AKA James Annelsey, Tristan Courtney and I would hang out in the Melbourne Town Hall devising new ways of using computers to pump vast amounts of air through 3-storey high steel pipes.  My particular role in all of this was to find a convenient way for the two others […]