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Posted by on Feb 1, 2009 in animation, excitement, music, video, video games

greetings and welcome to the year 2009.  incase you were unaware, the year actually begins on the first of febuary.  don’t worry,   it’s a common mistake.  i don’t think any less of you.  recording’s continuing and the scaffolding of an album is well and truly in place.  progress was halted briefly by a crippling heat wave and while i would of liked to have been recording i was too busy curled up on the comparitively cool bathroom floor in a sweaty heap… not really… but it was too hot to think… or even exist.

anyway, more has been happening too.  i think i left off talking about the guitar hero drums and my attempts to MIDIfi them.  well, my success was limited.  but i did put together a little video for youtube world to explain my guitar hero rig and some of things other people are doing with these awesome little plastic axes.

it’s quite likely you don’t care but i do get asked about it and sharing is caring.  more has been happening too.  i’ve started on a new clip for the new album and this particular clip is being filmed from the air! with this thing!

aerial video easystar

i’ll report back as things happen.  and things are happening so i’ll report back soon.  i think i’ve got some gigs coming up in march so i’ll have to tell you about that… it’ll involve banjo!

farewell for now as we launch recklessly into the future,


  1. Bernd
    May 1, 2009

    wow, thank for sharing your guitar-how to with max/dsp. and this video project also looks great… is it already released? i am curious :)

    • bob
      May 2, 2009

      cheers for your interest. the aerial video project is still being filmed – sending the camera up this afternoon actually :P

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